So Far, there have been 12 characters released into cavern kings by Vine.

These are all of the unlockable characters.

I have covered their backstories, how to unlock them, and their starting base stats.



Base default character. -Starts with 100 hp 


A warrior from the east. Yoji is stronger with melee weapons and weaker with guns. Samurai like character.  

Unlocked by beating the first boss you meet with only a melee weapon. (No picking up the primary weapon at start.) Its easiest to unlock with a shovel of jackhammer. 

-Starts with 100 hp

-Deals more damage with melee weaps, weaker with ranged weaps.


Widely known as Beetle Lord Thorax, his tough exoskeleton protects him from damage but also weighs him down. Thorax is the tank in cavern kings.

You unlock him by getting one beetle powerup (Used to require three beetle items in b23 update). usually in silver and gold chests or boss drops.

-Starts with 150 hp

-Has a slow movespeed


A little lizard with a big appetite. Rex has decreased max health but drains health from enemies.

Unlocked by finding a green egg on any floor and interacting with it.

-Starts with 50 hp

-Has lifesteal


A cute little bear with an anger problem. Her attack speed increased as her health decreases.

Unlocked by picking up 3 zephyr bracers. (I know this isnt the correct item name) The item which increases your melee atack speed.

- Starts with 100 hp

- As her hp decreases, her attack speed increases


An android with the affinity for static electricity, Her static field can damage nearby enemies.

I unlocked her by getting 3 charged batteries. 

- Starts with100 hp

- Has a static charge area of effect that damages any enemies near you.


A dapper skeleton with a dapper outfit. when tophat falls in battle, he can ressurrect a weaker version of himself. the weaker version of tophat will have exactly 50 percent of what he originally had as his max health. Can be unlocked by playing one round in arena game mode. *note that tophat cannot revive more than once*

- Starts with 50 hp

- Revives with half his max hp upon his first death.

          Shelby the Worm

A rogue bloodworm with a taste for adventure. Shelbies tail damages enemies and grows in length when she levels up. Was unlocked by me after killing a mecha-worm boss and also having picked up the item "digging power".(Powerup which increases how fast you can dig through the ground.) 

-Starts with 100 hp

-Has a tail which deals damage to enemies who walk into it. (Think of it as similar to the flame powerup)


Not much is known about this extraterrestrial. Its space suit renders it immune to the effects of weather and allows it to jump higher.

Unlocked by getting three Black Hole Boxes in one run.

- Starts off with 100 hp

- Kind of a "floaty" jump. can jump higher than all other characters.

- Immune to weather which means no increased knockback on ice floors.


A highly volatile mass of energy. Entite has the ability to teleport instead of jumping, though she is very fragile. Was unlocked by lasting 25-30 minutes in arena mode. Im sure there is probably a way to unlock all of the characters in each mode but i havent figured out how in Standard Mode. Is the most difficult character to play. Vine probably included this character for those hardcore players out there :P

-Starts with 30 hp (The weakest and lowest ammount of hp in game currently)

-Teleports where cursor is aiming. (Since she cant double jump, the single jump Entite has, has a huge range.)

-Can teleport through solid blocks.

         The Squid I have not found out how to unlock it yet but will update when i do.


Shark lives for the hunt. Whenever Shark kills an enemy, He temporarily gains additional strength. Unlocked by lasting 5        minutes in the arena game mode.

- Starts with 100 hp

- Sharks increased bonus damage grows stronger as he levels and stacks cumulatively based on how many monsters he has killed for a short period of time. Not sure if implemented ingame yet. It seems that early game, there is an extra 1 to 2 damage added to attacks but that could be due to the variation of damage that weapons deal.

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