Enemy Description


Eyekids are small, fast, and come in packs of two. They have 7 health, but if they swarm on you, you're in trouble.


Golems are slow, high damage enemies with a total of 60 health. They're about as big as the player. As you get deeper the colors will change and the Golems will get a small buff.


Eyesaws are large, flying enemies with a total of 60 health. They shoot flashing balls that pass through terrain. Explode on death.

Baby Bloodworm

Baby Bloodworms are long, thin enemies that fly through terrain towards the player. They have 40 health, but can spawn in large packs at the start of some levels.


Bloodworms are larger versions of Baby Bloodworms, doing more damage and having more health.

Titan Bloodworm

Titan Bloodworms are boss-sized versions of Bloodworms that rarely spawn in the lower levels. With very high health and damage, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Wall Golem

Wall Golems are beefed up versions of Golems that only spawn in the later levels. They can be many different colors such as cyan or dark purple, all of which are stronger than the original stone.


Eyeglobs are large, floating enemies that regularly spawn Eyekids until killed. Unlike other enemies, they phase into the the map at any point, and split into multiple Eyekids when killed. Eyeglobs come in two different sizes, the larger Eyeglobs split in to 2 smaller Eyeglobs.




The MechaWorm is one of the bosses in the game

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