Explosives are blocks that when hit, explode in some way. All explosives are affected by gravity.

Type Description
SCrate 2

TNT Variant #1

Blows up into a bunch of dynamite that scatters in random directions.

HP - 5


TNT Variant #2

Explodes and travels four diagonal directions.

HP - 5


TNT Variant #3

Explodes horizontally and vertically.

HP - 5


Type Description

Stationary Sawblade

Damage and knock back the player if touched.

Are destroyed if the block attached is broken.

Spinning saw blade

Rotates around the block it's attached to dealing damage to players.

Are destroyed if the block attached is broken.


Are retracted when the player enters an area, but exend and will damage the playerif they touch it.

Can spawn in front of other crates (tnt, wooden,etc) and chests. Are destroyed if the block attached is broken. They appear in sets of two and one of the spikes can be set off without the other.

Environmental hazardsEdit

Environmental hazards affect the whole area the player is in, and may persist for several areas.

Underwater Edit

Allows the player infinite jumping, but ground movement is lowered.

Darkness Edit

Limits the players ability to see by lowering brightness, this affect varies from dim to complete darkness. The player, enemy projectiles and powerup give off a radius of light and explosions emit a quick flash of light.

Locked in Edit

The player is only able to leave the area when they get a key held by the monsters into the lock.

Ice Edit

Player friction is greatly reduced and knockback and recoil is increased greatly.

Boss level Edit

This area contains a boss, a locked exit, multiple crates and one or two chests. The boss drops an items and the player cannot leave until they beat the boss. The Drill doesn't appear here ever.

The DrillEdit

Type Description

The Drill

After waiting about 30 seconds in an area, a Drill appears from the top of the level and slowly descends.

It instantly kills any player or monster that touches it but doesn't destroy gems. It digs through blocks and the breaking animation of tougher blocks can be seen rapidly.