here is a list of the hints that appear on the main menu:

  • green eggs, no ham
  • sometimes dying can be good too
  • all the golden guns
  • who needs a gun?
  • a space visitor for the black hole collector
  • how many monsters with one harpoon?
  • always destroy the tnt!
  • a wormy gift for the wormy slayer
  • fat loot for a fat life
  • you have to die to raise the dead
  • unlock the mecha by killing the mechas
  • lizard loves lots of life
  • a giga prize for some giga kills
  • pierce the oculus
  • mame the flame walker
  • a big saw is a good saw
  • 10 stacks
  • spreadshot is a nailgun's best friend
  • boom the blocks
  • swing fast for a fast swinger
  • enough for a bug museum
  • how deep can you dig?
  •  ???

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