Powerup Description

Ankh of Life

Gives you 1 max health every time you open a chest.

Unlock: Defeat the tier 5 boss. (Needs confirmation)

Stacking: More health per chest opened.


Vigor Beetle

Killing enemies gives a very small amount of max health.

Stacking: Higher chance to give the player more max health when killing an enemy.


Dracul's Blood

Melee attacks sap health from enemies hit.

Stacking: More health is drained per hit.


Volcanic Bomb

Bullets randomly explode, dealing damage in a small radius.

Unlock: Reach depth 5,000 without taking damage while equipped with TNT Sling.

Stacking: Bigger explosions, more damage.


Punchy Fist

Randomly punch enemies with great force.

Stacking: Fists do more damage (8 damage per stack). May also increase knockback.


Flying Bracer

Grants an additional jump.

Stacking: One extra jump per stack.



Each stack will instantly shoot a second round of bullets.

Unlock: Collect 2 or more Spreadshot with the Nailgun

Stacking: More bullets!


Cluster of Iron

Bigger bullets, more damage.

Stacking: further increased bullet size and damage.


Double Melee

Gives you an additional melee weapon, increasing damage and dig speed.

Stacking: Adds another melee weapon each time.


Phoenix Pinion

Leaves a trail of fire.

Stacking: Trail gets taller and does more damage.


Heart of Belial

Regenerates health over time.

Unlock: Recover 1000 HP in a single run with Rex's passive ability.

Stacking: Regenerates health faster.


Cyclops Skull

Increases accuracy and crit chance. Adds a laser sight to your weapon.

Stacking: Adds a bigger chance of getting a crit.


Djinn's Zephyrhorn

Bolsters melee attack speed.

Stacking: Makes swinging even faster.


Pylon of Frost

Freezes enemies in their tracks.

Stacking: Increases slow.


Sullied Kirpan

Periodically throw knives.

Stacking: Knives are thrown more often.


Wind Leaf

Run faster.

Unlock: Defeat Giga Mechworm.

Stacking: Runs even faster.


Missile Expansion

Randomly fires a missile.

Stacking: More missiles more often.



Increases the number of projectiles your gun fires. also seems to decrease shot size and damage slightly, this effect doesn't seem to stack, also renders growth battery useless.

Stacking: More projectiles are fired each stack.


Piercing Oculus

Attacks reduce armor.

Stacking: More armor reduction.


Homesick Shard

Strikes nearby enemies with green shards.

Stacking: Shards do more damage (3 per stack) and travel farther.


The Negotiators

Increases critical hit damage.

Stacking: Increases crit damage further.


Toxic Flask

Adds a poison effect when you hit a enemy with your projectiles.

Stacking: Adds more damage per tick.



Emits cloud of poison on impact.

Stacking: Increases cloud size and poison damage.



Bullets have a chance to shock nearby enemies.

Unlock: Kill an Electric Elite By knocking it off the edge.

Stacking: Higher chance of shocking.


Hero's Blade

Shoots a sword (where you're aiming at) when at full health and using melee.

Stacking: Sword does more damage.


Golem's Core

A shield that explodes after taking damage.

Stacking: Shield absorbs more damage before exploding, deals more damage and has a shorter cooldown.



Chance to instantly kill enemy on critical hit. currently tends to lag the game when you hit a enemy with a sawblade CRITICAL.

Stacking: Higher chance to kill.


Plague Scarab

Plagues enemies shot with infection that spreads to other enemies.

Stacking: Higher chance to plague.


Beetle Barrage

Randomly unleashes an explosive swarm of beetles on impact.

stacking: ???


Bomb Squad Armor

Increases armor and reflects damage.

Stacking: Increases armor further.


Mole's Orchid

Destroyed terrain can sometimes spawn health.

Stacking: Higher chance of health spawning.


Black Hole Box

Increases magnetic power.

Stacking: Increases magnetic power further.

Tome of Secrets

Increases chance of random powerup drops.

Unlock: Enter a cycle/loop.

Stacking: Higher chance of drops.

Flash Bang

Has a chance to throw a grenade that stuns enemies

Unlock: survive arena mode for 5 minutes

Stacking: ???

Paralysis Curse

Critical hits inflict enemies with a paralyzing curse.

Currently bugged and causes you to take damage over time

Stacking: increases stun duration

Siren Harp

Stuns every enemy when you kill an elite enemie.

Stacking: increases stun duration

Giga Drill Bit

Increases digging power.

Stacking: further increases digging power.

Doppelganger Torch

Creates a ghostly clone when you take damage.  Clone appears as a transparent outline of your character and shoots several projectiles that seek the closest enemy.

Stacking: Increases number of projectiles spawned.

Resplendent Vial

A serum that increases gem discovery.

Unlock: Kill a wall golem. (Needs confirmation)

Stacking: further increases amount of gems dropped by enemies.

Growth Battery

Charges your bullets while not shooting.

Stacking: ???

Pilfer Engine

Reduces the cost of chests.

Stacking: further reduces cost of chests.

Money Shot

Increases damage based on gems held.

Unlocked by having 20000 gold.

Stacking: ???

Phantom Missile

Dying enemies release vengeful spirits.

Stacking: ???

Philospher's Stone

Picking up gems grants health

Stacking: ???


Some enemies explode on death.

Stacking: ???

Thorny Gem

Large gems deal damage to enemies

Stacking: ???

Clump of Moss

Critical hits grant health.

Stacking: more health gained per crit.